My friends, Kerri Allardyce and Bryce Johnson, and I are partnering with the one and only Waldorf Astoria Park City to offer women a unique boudoir experience.  Clients will take their time in the Waldorf’s tranquil Golden Door spa getting their hair & makeup & nails done in total luxury, and then they’ll progress to the Presidential Suite for a private photo shoot with yours truly.  There will be catering all day long and a Hospitality Director to ensure the experience remains easy, fun, and completely indulgent.

I feel amazing about this for so many reasons.  Firstly, I’m lucky to have Kerri as a partner.  I’m insane about *details* — wording, graphics, fonts, textures, web design.  Any & all content has to be just so or my skin starts crawling.  I don’t mind my obsessive nature when it’s just me handling my own biz, but it takes a special partner to permit me so much creative control with faith & trust, especially on a project that also means so much to her.  This brings me to the second reason I’m grateful for Kerri: she’s given her heart over to finding a way to honor women.  She genuinely wants to make women feel good through encouragement, wellness, sensuality, affection, and laughter.  Boudoir is one way she’s exploring her passion; her other businesses involve equally fun & smart ways to celebrate all things feminine.

Bryce is part II of why I love this project.  I’ll do anything to work with Bryce (as I’ve mentioned before).  He’s the perfect combination of being divinely talented and thoroughly laid back.  I have no idea how those two qualities come together so simply, but they do, and it’s awesome.  He shot the video below (which I’m basically obsessed with) for our promo, andwe’re offering each client the chance to have their own Bryce Johnson original behind-the-scenes video to capture their boudoir day.

And, lastly, I’m beyond thrilled to be working with the Waldorf.  Are you KIDDING me???  This is a dream come true.    They have given us carte blanche in the development of this dream, and we feel so fortunate to be affiliated with a legendary brand that’s synonymous with luxury, elegance, and service.  Seeing the gorgeous Golden Door spa (our clients will be secluded in the private Master Stylist suite!) and exploring the ginormous Presidential Suite (complete with 45 foot ceilings and multiple balconies & fireplaces & a kitchen like I’ve never seen!) was nothing short of fantasyland; and I can’t believe I get to do what I love in such a special place.

10% of our profitswill be donated to WoW, Women of Worth Utah, an organization dedicated to empowering women suffering hardships in life.

Please check out our website, and see below for Bryce’s wicked video and some of my stills.

Carla Boecklin-8353.jpgCarla Boecklin-9195.jpgCarla Boecklin-8865.jpgCarla Boecklin-3-2.jpgCarla Boecklin-9472.jpgCarla Boecklin-9554.jpgCarla Boecklin-5.jpgCarla Boecklin-9525.jpgCarla Boecklin-8877.jpgCarla Boecklin--2.jpgCarla Boecklin-8824.jpgCarla Boecklin-4.jpgCarla Boecklin-9201.jpgCarla Boecklin-9022.jpgCarla Boecklin-1.jpgCarla Boecklin-9386.jpgCarla Boecklin-9-2.jpg




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  1. Carla you are so amazingly talented and we are so grateful to have you on our team!! Thank you! :)